Saturday, November 28, 2015

RPG Maker background pack

RPG maker is a site for resources to start games with - characters, tiles, items, music, whatever you need. I recently created a background pack for sidescrollers, and now it's up for sale:

Monday, November 16, 2015

Evolution of the Rhoenoak logo

I've been illustrating the world of Rhoenoak for the upcoming novel series. Among my work was the IP's logo. The name for the scifi/fantasy setting had been changed from Primordial to Rhoenoak, and author John Enitsu wanted to include the supernatural fire the main protagonist achieves mastery of during the story.

First I picked some fonts for the name to see what might work - a pure scifi setting would be easy, a pure fantasy setting too, but which to choose for a mixed setting.
I get all my fonts from, which offers a whole lot of free to use fonts of great quality.

After picking some promising candidates, I continued to prettying them up into something more lively than a mere typed name. Particularly the Os looked great for include the fire. I had been working on the first novel's cover on parallel, and included the name into the typography; John found the Os looked like eyes and wanted them to stand out.

From these I picked again - there's a great deal of throwing away in design - and presented my choices to John.

We liked several, but eventually had to choose and did another round of possible changes to those we liked best, with the desired fire effects. Some of the flame abilities are described as looking similiar to solar mass ejections, which are really cool, but wispy, and gave me some headache how to make them solid enough to not disappear and still keep their lightness.

Among these we found a candidate for the final. On a last round, I tried two versions of fire just to see how much there could be. It's based on the Charlemagne Std font by Carol Twombly.

We decided on a little less fire, and I gave the current choice the colour treatment. Fire colours were the obvious choice, and there was much room for cool light effects.

A final choice was frankensteined from several colour and light effects and polished into the final version.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Splittermond creatures

Creatures illustrated for the creatures book of Uhrwerk's new roleplaying game Splittermond: Mottenmaki (moth maki), Sandwächter (sand guard), and Waldtroll (forest troll).

Monday, November 2, 2015

The Far Reaches

I've been working on Voyager Games' The Far Reaches since its early days, and we're closing in on things being showable. has been revamped, and I can finally post the first images for the game:

Far Reaches will be an exploration and expedition simulation, with an astounding amount of detail. Visit the website for more: