Monday, January 30, 2017

Bucket o' Paperbeads

At the start of the year I took some days off for crafting. This time I choose making paperbeads. I have a box full of inspirational papers that came it very handy, and I'm sure these will be helpful for reference images for painting sometime.
Some resources I used: IFX wall calendar; gift wrapping paper; flyers from a butterfly park, and a horror themepark; advertisements for travel agencies; an artists' newspaper; coloured carton; envelopes; coin rolling paper; greeting cards; test prints.
I haven't counted, but they are many.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Summer Field

During summer when I wanted to get to grips with actually making proper finished artworks on real paper after years of digital work, I created this three-part series of barley, cornflower, and poppy with pencils, ink pens, and acrylics. I had tried making WIP shots, but they turned out to be terrible. The originals are for sale.
28×38cm on paper, inks, pencils, and acrylics.