Saturday, April 30, 2016

Tiny Tips: Patience

My most recent tiny tip, dealing with the patience needed when creating art.
I want to reassure all beginning creatives that time trying to finish something is never wasted. Finishing is part of the process and as important as any other; you must be able to draw a line under a project and start another. In time, you will learn when you can or should abandon an idea (for the time being), when it's done, and when it isn't.
Most artists are apparently either unable to finish, or finish way too soon. Find the balance! (And while you're at it, learn how many projects you can have going at once.) Allen Williams puts it well by saying, "beginner's drawings are often not so successful because they leave too much white on the page. In other words, there's not enough drawing in their drawing." Considering this, I think, solves a lot of beginner's problems. Work until no spot is left unattended (which of course doesn't mean to cover the page in medium; an empty space, when deliberately left blank, is attended to).

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Saturday, April 16, 2016

DSA Art Dump – Festum

Image for the RPG adventure "Theaterritter" for The Dark Eye, by Ulisses Spiele. The wealthy city of Festum high in the north.

--- deutsch ---

Illustration für das Abenteuer "Theaterritter" für Das Schwarze Auge von Ulisses Spiele. Die wohlhabende Stadt Festum im hohen Norden.

Festum| © Ulisses Spiele

Monday, April 4, 2016

DSA Art Dump – Waldweg

Image for the world guide "Aventurischer Almanach" for the 5th Edition of The Dark Eye, by Ulisses Spiele. A path through the deep forests of Aventuria.

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Illustration für das Weltenbuch "Aventurischer Almanach" der 5ten Edition des Schwarzen Auges von Ulisses Spiele. Ein Pfad durch die dichten Wälder Aventuriens.

Waldweg | © Ulisses Spiele