Tuesday, March 21, 2017

HeinzCon Aftermath (part 2)

The character portraits I did at HeinzCon. Most of them were photographed, under less-than-ideal conditions (playing havoc especially with the oil pastels I used on the fiery one), which meant I had to fiddle a lot with them, but I do believe this is close to what they look like. Still missing from these are a pirate and a spearfighter. I am suprisingly comfortable with people watching me draw (characters, in charcoal, when I've had time to prepare. That's a lot of conditions ;)).

Monday, March 13, 2017

HeinzCon Aftermath (part 1)

I'm back from Uhrwerk's RPG convention in Norden; a lovely weekend meeting old friends and making new ones, learning a lot about cool new games, and drawing like there's no tomorrow. My table was sandwiched between great neighbours; fellow illustrator Florian Stitz, and Spielraum games shop with awesome, nerdy stuff.
Art-wise, the convention far exceeded my expectations - granted, they were pretty low so that I wouldn't be disappointed should it not go well, but I was busy drawing characters almost all the time. Below are the drawings I made the previous week in preparation, to fill my examples folder. Hopefully, my customers will be so kind and send me scans of the artworks I neglected taking a photo of, so I can show them as well. Among them characters for Splittermond, Shadowrun, The One Ring, and Guild Wars (not a pen&paper, but definitely an RPG).

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Tiny artworks

Last year I started doing these tiny pieces of art, on sizes no larger than A6. Most have to be considered unfinished and sketchy, but they're fun, and their size lets them fit many occasions. For example, they are the most common Original Art pieces sent out to my Patrons on Patreon. Here's a sample of my more recent pieces.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Outer Colony on Steam

Outer Colony, Voyager Games' scifi sim game, has launched its greenlight campaign on Steam:
I have been with the project from its early days, and have permission to call myself its art director (even if developer/company owner Samuel Ruggieri actually made most of the decisions).
The game is also avaliable for beta testing on the Voyager Games' website. We all would love to get your support for an incredibly intricate, smart, and fun game, that in its massive detail is a rare gem in the world of indie games.