Friday, June 30, 2017

"Das Schwarze Auge" Art Dump - Nostria

The once-great city Nostria, capital of the kingdom of the same name, and its backstreet that only give the faint impression of former glory. For a regional expansion of the Dark Eye.
Die einst große Stadt Nostria, Hauptstadt des gleichnamigen Königreichs, und seine Gassen, die heute nur einen schwachen Abglanz der früheren Glorie. Für einen Regionalband für das Schwarze Auge.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

LANified Calgary Expo badges

These are two of the badge designs I did for the LANified group for their appearance at this year's Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. The backside were used for all badges, and here's also the staff badges (here with BloodyIron's handle). Furthermore, there were designs for the single tournaments; the expo had a Tron theme this year which we fully embraced.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Prints on

The largest print I had brought to NordCon was A3. People actually asked for bigger, which was great, and my clients' wishes are my command. Large-scale prints are now available at my shop, while I build my webshop into my site I can't promise an opening date just yet, but in the meantime let me know if there's anything you want me to add. Right now, the plan is to offer prints of various sizes, at the very least: postcards (because I love them) and wall posters (because they're cool). Signed prints will also be available. The webshop will be the premier place to sell originals - if you'd like to own an original you've seen, maybe on deviantArt or at a convention, let me know via email at, which is also where you can direct any other inquiries and suggestions about prints and originals.

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Drucke auf

Die größten Drucke die ich zum NordCon mitgebracht hatte waren A3. Ich wurde nach größeren Drucken gefragt, was toll war, und weil der Wunsch meiner Kunden mein Befehl ist, gibt es jetzt großformatige Drucke in meinem Shop auf, , während ich einen Webshop in meine Webseite integriere. Ich kann noch kein Eröffnungsdatum versprechen, aber bis es soweit ist, lasst mich unbedingt wissen wenn es etwas gibt das Ihr Euch wünscht. Es wird auf jeden Fall Postkarten geben (weil ich die liebe) und Poster (weil sie cool sind), und signierte Drucke. Der Webshop wird der erste Ort sein, an dem Originale zu haben sein werden - wenn Ihr Euch jetzt schon für ein Werk interessiert, das Ihr vielleicht auf deviantArt oder auf einer Veranstaltung gesehen habt, schreibt mir gern unter , was auch die Adresse ist wenn Ihr Wünsche, Fragen oder Anmerkungen zu Drucken und Originalen habt.

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Tara, a guinea pig's portrait

While I had spent all my time drawing for clients at HeinzCoin in March, at NordCon last weekend I barely sat down. But what I did manage is this portrait of the guinea pig Tara. It was done from a reference photo her owner had brought, because Tara couldn't make it to the con herself.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

"Das Schwarze Auge" Art Dump - Pilkammruine

The ruins of the old Rondra temple and fort of Pilkamm. A chapter opener for the multi-part adventure "Theaterritter".
Die Ruine der alten rondrageweihten Tempelburg Pilkamm. Ein Kapitelstarter für das mehrteilige Abenteuer "Theaterritter".

Monday, June 12, 2017

Break with Charcoal

Charcoal has been my favourite medium for many months now. These are some of the drawings I did recently, all done on 43×61 cm paper, from reference. Some animals are more fun than others - warthogs are awesome. There are also walkthroughs in my sketchbook thread on

Thursday, June 8, 2017


A small painting with waterbased Winsor & Newton oil paints I recently acquired. I found them delightful to use in tandem with acrylics, but wanted to use them on their own. So I primed a piece of wood board I had lying around (with wall paint), and went to find out about the differences between ivory black and lamp black (lamp is bluish), and zinc and titanium white (I was told zinc white dries faster, which seems to be true). Then, when I had varnished the piece (with Liquitex acrylics varnish. I wasn't sure if that would work at all - it seems to, but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed), I noticed a bristle in the almost dry varnish, tried to pick it out, and peeled off half the painting. Panic! After I calmed down again, I sanded that area and repainted it. Then varnished it again. I still know where the blasted thing was, but hopefully it's not a glaring mistake anymore.

"Das Schwarze Auge" Art Dump - Seenland

Another illustration for the Siebenwindküste regional expansion for the Dark Eye. Some seclusive castles in the lake region can only be reach via bridges.
Eine weitere Illustration für den Regionalband Siebenwindküste für das Schwarze Auge. Einige abgelegene Burgen können nur über Brücken erreicht werden.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

"Das Schwarze Auge" Art Dump - Windhagberge

The stormy shores of the Seven Wind's Coast, complete with westwind dragon (which was done with help from Art Director Nadine Schäkel).
Die stürmischen Strände der Siebenwindküste, komplett mit Westwinddrachen (bei dem ich Hilfe von Art Director Nadine Schäkel hatte).

Monday, June 5, 2017

"Das Schwarze Auge" Art Dump - Monastery

A monastery where the adventurers research about astronomy, from the adventure "Niobaras Vermächtnis" for the Dark Eye. I was told it's pretty remote, so I make it look like people don't get out much.
Ein Kloster in dem die Abenteurer sich mit Astronomie beschäftigen, aus dem DSA-Abenteuer "Niobaras Vermächtnis". Es soll sehr abgelegen sein, also habe ich es aussehen lassen als ob die Leute hier nicht oft rauskommen.