Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Norman's land

Overpaint of the practice picture I set my fiancé on to learn Photoshop, and maybe even some art along the way.
We started with a value sketch I made.

Then bashed in plenty of photos as a base; rocks, ground, technical equipment like engines, rails, stairs, gas tanks and whatnot. Most of which I got from ImagineFX and

By then I realized it takes a beginner much, much longer than me to achieve the same results, and their heads start spinning from the myriad of shortcuts, tools, adjustment layers and everything - even if I explained only what I considered the necessities - and the picture was left alone for a while.

Then I pitied the poor thing and decided to do an overpaint. I wanted to improve the composition and contrast.

Warming up the colours allowed for better contrast between the shadowed and lit areas, and larger shapes de-cluttered the left-hand structures. Stronger aerial perspective was introduced. I worked out some shapes in the artificial structures.

Finally I added more dust, lights, unsharpen masks and tried to make things more threedimensional. Then a vehicle - just to indicate someone actually hangs out there.

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