Wednesday, December 10, 2014

New Ranarh ID

Ranarh is a character of mine that came to life in a roleplaying setting, and which I liked enough to use as my online alias. She's feisty, trigger-happy, loose-mouthed, and playful, and overall a good guy.
I started designing Ranarh when my skills could barely keep up with my imagination; the character underwent several re-imaginations, according to what happened in the game - from rebellion against oppression to death sentence being converted to military service and finally the flight from said military's grey eminences.
From the colour scheme, expressions board and hair style decisions to early concepts with the setting's epomynous fremai creatures (dumb, but good eats), with her cherished lightsaber and combat armour, various onboard uniforms and space suits of different weight classes, to the final, new ID used as avatars for my online presences.

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