Monday, March 13, 2017

HeinzCon Aftermath (part 1)

I'm back from Uhrwerk's RPG convention in Norden; a lovely weekend meeting old friends and making new ones, learning a lot about cool new games, and drawing like there's no tomorrow. My table was sandwiched between great neighbours; fellow illustrator Florian Stitz, and Spielraum games shop with awesome, nerdy stuff.
Art-wise, the convention far exceeded my expectations - granted, they were pretty low so that I wouldn't be disappointed should it not go well, but I was busy drawing characters almost all the time. Below are the drawings I made the previous week in preparation, to fill my examples folder. Hopefully, my customers will be so kind and send me scans of the artworks I neglected taking a photo of, so I can show them as well. Among them characters for Splittermond, Shadowrun, The One Ring, and Guild Wars (not a pen&paper, but definitely an RPG).

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