Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Keep an eye out

Bonus information for Tiny Tip #20

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My twentieth tutorial from the "Ranarh's tiny tips" series. You can find the other tutorials at my deviant Art account.

- The lens sticks out of the eyeball. That's why it so often catches highlights - they do not necessarily appear inside the pupil. When painting mirrored reflections, keep in mind only lit parts are reflected. Reflections can make the pupil appear less than round from afar.

- The eyeball is reddish at the inner corner. Some phenotypes have a yellowish eyeball, especially very dark black skinned people.

- Eyelashes with heavy black makeup are easier to paint, but I urge you to learn to paint them without first. Lashes are about as long as the eyeball in profile - often men's are longer - and stick out in irregular rows. Don't zoom in too much, that minimizes the risk of too short lashes. Under harsh light, lashes cast a long shadow, especially at the outer corner.

- My example has a dull, boring iris. Use lots of colours in tiny spots, lines and speckles. Use additional colours - yellow specks in blue eyes, black spots in brown, light circles around the pupil. The iris is shaded like a gem: shaded on the light side, bright on the shadow side (because it's a flat surface inside the eye instead of being on the rounded outside).

- How far the eyeball sticks out defines the shadows. Deep-set eyes have little shadow below, but heavy shadows from the brow bone. Older people have deep lid creases. The lid crease doesn't follow the eye shape. It can split up into two or three lines at the ends.

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