Monday, August 24, 2015

The new signature

I had been working on creating a new signature for my work for a while. Simply writing my name on a piece of artwork was too simple, and a well-designed signature is useful for sooo many things - signature, business cards, stamps, logos, who knows what sorts of project I will come up with.
The needs I had were: that it should fit the touch and feel of my body of work, and be easy to write by hand. For the latter, elaborate writings or curves, exact proportions, let alone any actual graphics, forbid themselves. Additionally, while I would have been happy with a proper monogram (like Albrecht Dürer), the asymmetrical J is devlishly tricky to use that way.
Finally, after much picking, throwing out, rethinking, and refining, I proudly present my new signature. May it last long.

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