Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Kraftpaper series

I like the name Kraftpaper. It's apparently a joke of the English word craft, with K, but there's also a thing called Kraftpapier, a sturdy brown paper not unlike the one to wrap parcels in. I bought a block of this funny paper and use it for drawing of phrase puns and surreal subjects because I've recently been sketching a lot of them. Here are the first four.
All are 30,5cm square, wallpaint and inks.

Shed your skin. The German expression "aus der Haut fahren", bursting out of one's skin, means to be so angry one practically changes one's personality.
Hearty. Self-explanatory. Although I did have to make it a zombie instead of the skeleton I drew intially, because the skin between index fingre and thumb is integral to the heart shape.
Earmark. The German expression "hinter die Ohren schreiben", to write something down behind one's ears, means to make damn sure to never again forget something. It's said to people, they don't say it about themselves.
Psst. Self-explanatory.

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